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  • On January 28-31, 2002, Dr. Bryan Temple, the Director of the Caledonian University UNESCO Centre for Engineering Education and Dr. David Ross from Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom have visited the TPU and conducted a seminar on problems of the effective use of the project work methods to carry out interdisciplinary exercises by engineering and technical students. During this visit the guests have acquainted with the University and areas of its activities. On January 31, the project of Memorandum of Uniderstanding has been drawn out which is planned to be signed in July 2002.

  • Seminar on Group Project, 28-29 January, 2002

  • Ms. Nadejda Sena, a manager of educational projects of the Colorado University, has visited Tomsk Polytechnic University, including the Central Asia Centre for Engineering Education (CACEE), in November 2001.

  • During the period of September 26 - October 26, A/Prof. Nadejda Y. Sipailova (The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Electrical Machines Department) and A/Prof. Galina V. Kashkan (the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, General and Inorganic Chemistry) have visited Anna University (India, Chennai). Their business trip has been organized as an academic exchange in accordance with the international working agreement concluded between the TPU and Anna University.

  • A scientific seminar on problems of the effective use of the project work methods to carry out interdisciplinary exercises by engineering and technical students will be held during January 28-29, 2002 in the University. The seminar will be held under the chairmanship of Dr. Bryan K. Temple and Dr. David S. Ross from Glasgow Caledonian University.

  • By the University Academic Board's decision, the Engineering Education Institute has been established at TPU this year. The objective of the Institute is the implementation of professional educational programmes, which give the right to perform educational activities within professional educational institutions of different levels.

    The Institute organization:
    - The Faculty of Pedagogic and Professional Education
    - The Professional Development Centre
    - Information and Methodical Centre

  • On May 24-26, 2002, the 5th International Conference Problems and Practice of Engineering Education will be held at TPU under the theme International Accreditation of Educational Programmes.

    Topics suggested:
    - World trends in engineering education
    - Standards and quality assurance
    - Innovation in engineering education
    - Distance learning
    - Academic and professional mobility
    - Accreditation systems in engineering education
    - International recognition of diplomas, degrees and qualifications
    - UNESCO and international cooperation in engineering education

    details... (

  • On September 3-4, 2001, the University has conducted the Seminar The Development of Engineering Education devoted to the rectorship (1921-1930) of N.V. Gutowski. Representatives of different universities, research institutes, and industrial enterprises of Russia and near and far abroad took part in this Seminar.

  • On May 21-22, Tomsk Polytechnic University has conducted a seminar on problems of participation of Russian scientific groups in European scientific and technological programmes.


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